Environmental friendliness

The material of BAUFOAM® boards is environmentally friendly by itself since it doesn’t contain such harmful components as soot, dust, slugs, small fibers, phenol-phormaldehyde resins, etc. And the main raw material for the production of BAUFOAM® – high quality polystyrene – is successfully applied for food and medical packaging as well as for the production of children’s toys which again underlines its eco-friendliness.

European technology

The quality of BAUFOAM® boards is confirmed by reliable certificates of the European Union

German quality

As a result the products with the unique combination of physical and chemical properties, the main of which being the extremely low index of thermal conductivity of boards (from 0.034 W/m * K) – a very advantageous value if compared to most modern insulation materials from other components.

BAUFOAM® (from German bau, construction and English foam) – is a new line of German heat insulation products from extruded polystyrene foam (xps). The selection includes the plates for insulation of possible constructions from deep foundations to pitched roof. German technologies have been successfully during many decades to protect building and structures from all over the world from heat losses. The manufacturing line is fitted with the most modern European equipment and strict quality control over production process is performed with truly German perfectionism.